Auricula Theatre

Made to Order, Price from £150

Palletwood Auricula Theatres made to order.

I was once asked if could build an Auricula Theatre, my response was “ I am sure I can, if I knew what it was”, and it was explained to me and all became clear.

So with measurements to hand and an idea in my head I set to work using a pile of salvaged pallet wood that had already been de-nailed and sanded.

The pictures show pretty well what was involved in the construction of this Auricula Theatre but then came the roof. A light bulb moment and the roof was modified to become something more useful than just a “hat”. We made it into a pair of semi detached blue tit nesting boxes complete with entrance perch for each one.

As you can see the whole thing was then painted and the roof was clad with felt.

This was quite a large structure which was approximately 120cm high x 90cm wide and 25cm deep

Commissions welcome. Please contact Dave or Shalini to discuss size, colour schemes and finish. By phone on 07941324928 or email:

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