Colourful Block Clock


This clock measures approximately: 36cm high x 25cm wide and 2cm thick

I had been making something that left me with a lot of triangular offcuts of similar sizes. So, not being one to waste stuff I set my mind to work to come with a way to use these triangles.

What you see is the result of those thoughts, a clock made from lots of offcuts. Generically we call these ”Block Clocks” and the blocks can be any shape.

These offcuts were arranged on a piece of recycled ply wood and then glued in place and left for a day or so. Then the whole face was sanded to make it even and ready for the colouring to be applied.

However, at this point I raided Shalini’s scrap copper stash and used some to fill in some of the larger gaps between the blocks which looks quite effective I think.

Now it was time to get creative with colour, over to Shalini for this part and she has done a smashing job on it. After the dye was completely dry the face was sanded again to expose a little of the bare wood.

Then we treated the whole thing to a couple of coats of coconut oil, fitted the clock mechanism and hands and it was done!

Commissions welcome. Please contact us to discuss other shapes and colour schemes

To arrange a viewing to buy this piece you can contact by phone on 07941324928 or email:

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