Plank of Knotted Timber?


Size: 18..5 x 14 cm.

Wall Mountable Copper Art from my Waste Not Want Not series using Metal salvaged from an old copper tank.

It does look a bit like wood doesn’t it? It isn’t. This is a piece of air-chased copper. I have used this style of texturing on various pieces of jewellery – cuffs, pendants, rings and earrings but have not made many decorative pieces. The ‘Lamayuru’ tray and ‘Angst’ are the two sculptures I can think of.

This wall mountable picture has a string at the back. If you prefer you can display it using a small plate holder or stand. This would work well for displaying on the mantelpiece or window-sill.

This piece can be bought directly via the artist’s online shop:

Alternatively you can contact Shalini on T: 07941324928 or email:

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