Upcycled Wood Incense Burners – Various Colours | Palletwood Stuff




Reclaimed Wood Incense Burners crafted from wood salvaged from a shipping pallet.

These are cut from pallet wood planks that have first been de-nailed and sanded. Following this we “round over” the edges and cut the groove down the middle then drill the holes for the incense sticks.

Next step is to burn the Incense Burners with a torch until the surface is blistered, much like Crocodile skin to look at. Then we brush the charred wood off with an abrasive wheel. Finally the Incense Burners are dyed with a water based wood stain and then polished using Liberon Black Bison wax.

Size: 30 cm long x 4 cm wide. The incense stick holders have holes at both ends and can hold two incense sticks at a time.