Reclaimed Palletwood Tray FLAME (01)


Tray weight: 423 grams; Sizes: L=35.5 cm W=13cm H= 7cm (Wood is 1.2cm)

Colourful Pallet Wood Tray using Shou Sugi Ban Technique made in collaboration with Shalini Austin.

Each tray is a one-off

These trays are made from upcycled pallet wood, using wood from pallets that are marked HT. This means the wood as been heat treated and not chemically treated to prevent rot.

The wood is burnt using a blow torch, this process is know as Shou Sugi Ban, an ancient Japanese method of preserving wood. The we apply a water based wood dye, Food & Toy safe Danish Oil and wax with Coconut Oil.

Commissions welcome. Please contact Dave for available colours and tray handle styles

This Sculpture can be bought online:

To arrange a viewing to buy an item you can also contact by phone on 07941324928 or email:

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