Upcycled Pallet Wood Occasional Table

Made to Order, Price from £100

This particular table measures approximately 60cm x 60 cm and 60 cm high.

This pallet wood table has been built entirely from recycled pallet wood. The pallet was marked HT (heat treated) so no nasty chemicals were used on the pallet when it was made.

First the pallet was stripped and then de-nailed and all the wood was sanded down to a nice smooth finish.

Next the planks were selected for the table top, using those with the most interesting grain then they were cut to length. They were then set into the gluing clamps and glued together lengthways.

Whilst the table top glue was setting, the frame to attach the legs to the top was cut and fixed together and the legs were cut to length.

Once the table top was ready the frame was fixed to the underside of it with glue and clamped up overnight.

Now that it is all fixed together the legs were fitted using bolts and wing nuts, these were then removed and the whole thing was taken outside to be burnt.

When I say burnt I mean we use a blow torch to burn the wood using the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique. The purpose of this is to preserve the wood naturally without chemicals, whilst at the same time it raises the grain to produce beautiful patterns.

After the burning the wood is rubbed down using a brass brush to remove the burnt char leaving a nice clean surface. A final rub down is done with fine wire wool over, this just finishes off the surface of the wood and gives a slight lustre to it.

The final finish applied to this particular table was a few coats of Olive Oil, this not only feeds the wood but also enhances the visual appearance and helps with the wood preservation. After the oli has been rubbed in and buffed it does dry cleanly, no sticky tacky mess at all.

Commissions welcome. Please contact Dave or Shalini to discuss size, colour schemes and finish. By phone on 07941324928 or email: contact@shaliniaustin.co.uk

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