Upcycled Wood Tealight Holder – Ruby Red


Dimensions: Height: 1.6 Centimetres; Width: 26 Centimetres; Depth: 12.6 Centimetres

Beautiful Tea-light Holder for 3 candles made from reclaimed pallet wood using Shou Sugi Ban Technique which involves burning the wood using a blow torch.

The candleholder has been crafted from pallets that are marked HT. This means the wood as been heat treated and not chemically treated to prevent rot.

We apply a water based wood dye to the wood once it has been flame treated and the piece is then waxed using either coconut or olive oil. Both natural edible oils. This piece has been given mix of two colours Pear Green and White. Colour variations possible, some listed in our Etsy shop. Do have a browse.

This tealight holder can be bought online on Etsy. To arrange a viewing or to buy an item, then please contact by phone on 07941324928 or email: contact@shaliniaustin.co.uk

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